A Therapeutic Field Program



The phenomenon of addiction and anti-social behavior in Israel and in the world at large is increasing annually. More and more teens are being exposed to drugs or alcohol, hence harming themselves, their families, and society. In light of this situation, there is increasing need for a new Therapeutic program, to help both decrease the phenomenon, but more importantly, help the teenagers find their way back to becoming functioning members of society.


What do we Offer?

A Therapeutic Program within Nature.
Much research, experience and in-depth study of survival in Nature, have brought the Melach Ha'aretz Organization to conclude that we must develop a program that will focus on and specialize in therapy utilizing nature.


A Three Stage Program:
Desert Survival: For six months we will gradually learn, through extreme conditions, with which we are compelled to cope, to be aware of situation, pay attention to our surroundings, and.strengthen our will to understand and accept positive decisions.

Productive Agriculture Farm: A year during which we will continue building our character and shaping our personality. We will develope work ethics and work in groups to create commercial farm

• An Institute for Professional training: During this last stage, students will acquire skills and professionalism (Completion of matriculation exams, army preparation, certification in vocational skills, and even academic degrees)


For whom is this project suited?

• Youths addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
• Youth and young adults engaging in anti – social behavior.


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